Kraft Papers

Standard Basis Weights: 30#, 40#, 50#, 60#, 70#, and 90#

Recycled Kraft – This product is a 100% recycled sheet. Sulfur is not added at the mill level but the mill has no control of furnish therefore, they cannot guarantee this product to be sulfur free. This product is preferred by users as void fill due to the soft feel of the sheet.

Virgin Kraft – This product has very high tear/burst strength. Our Virgin Kraft is made up of 80% virgin and 20% recycled material. Some northern mills will have true virgin paper, however 80/20 has become the industry standard. When comparing virgin to recycled, you will find virgin to be a cleaner sheet with a smoother finish. Virgin tends to be used when a crisp, clean sheet is needed. The primary application for Virgin Kraft is to wrap products for protection.

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